Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)


What is 75inabox+

Monkeybox delivers meal boxes to kids thrice a day directly to their schools. It was started in 2015 by Sanjay Rao and Sandeep K who were looking to solve their own concern of providing daily nutritious freshly-prepared meals to their kids in school. What started off as an experiment with friends within the community has today expanded to serving 500 parents and 25-schools in south Bangalore.

How does 75inabox work+

MonkeyBox delivers Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks for kids in school, three times a day. Every dish in this box is prepared by 5 star chef’s, planned and supervised by our team of nutritionists. The portion size planned according to age group and calorie requirements at different growth stages. Our menus are constantly changing, which gives your kid great variety. We cater to children between the ages of 3 to 18 years old. MonkeyBox meal boxes are prepared fresh using the best quality ingredients, fresh vegetables and fruits.


How do you plan the meal+

The meal is carefully planned comprising of a team of nutritionists and chefs. Each day’s meal plan comprises of varied dishes and no single dish is repeated for a period of 21* days.The following are taken into consideration while planning the meals:

  • Food diversity
  • Major food groups
  • Seasonality
  • Combination of nutrients
  • Macro and micro-nutrients

How do you ensure adequate nutrition+

Every child in a certain age group has a specific energy, protein, fat and micronutrient requirement called the Recommended Dietary Allowance or RDA. We calculate the nutrient content of each and every ingredient that goes into a dish and translate that into grammage or weight of the final prepared dish.

This is then matched with the age specific RDA for your child and then the exact portion size for your child is determined and placed in his or her Monkeybox. This means that children in different age groups receive different portion sizes of food. Our three meals are designed to meet 70% of your child's daily requirement of energy, protein, fat and certain micronutrients important in children such as iron.

Our team of nutritionists and chefs alter and tweak recipes to meet this goal. We are sure that you will appreciate our passion for giving your child the right quantity and quality of tasty nutritious food specific for his or her age.

Where is the food prepared/cooked and by whom+

The food is prepared in our state of the art kitchen by 5 star chef’s.

Where are the raw materials /ingredients sourced from+

The raw materials are sourced from reliable farms which go through a thorough check on quality which ensure us to deliver wholesome meals with no added MSG, artificial colours or flavours. Also, our meals are always made fresh, hence no preservatives are added.

How do I go about a kitchen visit (to check hygiene) +

We encourage our customers to visit our kitchen to understand how we function.

How is the food packaged +

Currently the meals are packed in food grade plastic and soon we will have stainless steel boxes as options as well.As we are stringent to maintain quality, we line the boxes with parchment paper or banana leaf.

What if my child has allergies +

We would request you not to subscribe in case your kid is allergic to any food item

How do you ensure variety +

Monkeybox offers world cuisine to your kids with 30 day cyclic menu. The dishes to offer vary primarily from North Indian, South Indian, Pan Asian and Continental cuisines


What are the subscription plans +

S.No Subscription/Plan Name Available for (days)
1 Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks (3 meal) 05/10/22
2 Breakfast & Lunch (2 meal) 05/10/22
3 Lunch & Snacks (2 meal) 05/10/22
4 Lunch only 10/22
5 Breakfast only 22
6 Snacks only 22

5 Day Subscription
Subscription/Plan Name Price(Rs.) Discount Final Price
2 meal 600 NA 600
3 meal 750 NA 750
10 Day Subscription
Subscription/Plan Name Price(Rs.) Discount Final Price
2 meal 1200 NA 1200
3 meal 1500 NA 1500
Lunch Only 750 NA 750
22 Day Subscription
Subscription/Plan Name Price(Rs.) Discount Final Price
2 meal 2640 140 2500
3 meal 3300 300 3000
Lunch Only 1650 150 1500
Breakfast Only 1100 100 1000
Snacks Only 1100 100 1000

Can I order for a day/place a sample meal +

We encourage the parents to taste the food to understand the quality of food we serve.This can be done by placing a sample order on the app/web wherein the meals can be served to the location of choice(home/office/school).The customer has to select the date for delivery, once the payment is complete the order will be confirmed. We charge Rs 200 for the sample order in which all the 3 meals will be provided.

How do I subscribe for my kid+

Download the MonkeyBox app (ANDROID and IOS) or sign up on our website ( Mention the details of the kid with the correct information. Choose a subscription plan, select the start date, make the payment and we’ll take care of the rest

How do I subscribe for my second child under the same customer name+

On the app, under “manage subscription” tap on add subscriber to enter the details of your 2nd child. On the website click on ‘Kids’ and then ‘add kid’ and fill in the details of your 2nd child.

How do I place an order for a particular date +

Once you have subscribed, you can select from 2 available combos before 10:00 PM the previous night either on the app or on the website. You also have the option of selecting the combos for the entire week on one single day. On the app the menu will display “My Choice” for the combo that you have chosen for the particular date, this means that the order is confirmed.


How do I choose the combo for a particular day +

You can go to the day and select the combo your child would like

What is Auto ordering +

Once you complete the subscription Auto-ordering is ON by default. Android and Web users can toggle it on/off. It is a feature which allows the customers to order at will when the auto-ordering service is off, the days food is required, combo selection has to be done for the dates of your choice. If the service is ON and even if you haven’t selected the combo by default COMBO 1 will be delivered. If the food is not required the user has to cancel it on the app.

What is the validity of credits received upon subscription+

Currently the validity of the credits is unlimited

How do I renew once my subscription is over. +

On the app (Android) go to ‘Manage Subscription’ and tap on ‘Renew’ under the subscribers name and choose your meal plan and pay. On the website click on ‘Kids’ and click on ‘Renew’ under the subscribers name, choose your meal plan and pay.


How do I cancel an order for a day/week +

You can cancel the food order by pressing the CANCEL button below the Combo options on your app/website.

Can I cancel/order only a particular meal for a day +

Currently the feature is not available to cancel a particular meal on any given day

How do I cancel my subscription+

To cancel the entire subscription drop us a mail on and we will take care of the rest.

Can I cancel post the cut off time +

You cannot cancel post the cut off time as our kitchen processes are planned according to confirmed orders


What is the cutoff time for combo selection +

For combo selection the cutoff time is 10 pm the previous night

What is the cutoff time for combo cancellation +

For cancellation the cutoff time is 7 am on the order day

What time is the food delivered to my kids +

Different schools have different break timings. We deliver the food 30 minutes before the break timings

How much in advance can I order +

You can place the order for the entire week in advance once the menu is uploaded on Saturday evening post 6pm


Which schools is currently Monkeybox delivering to +

The list of schools is available on our website on the homepage

Which days do Monkeybox work in a week/year +

We work 6 days a week (Monday-Saturday) excluding Government and School holidays.

How do I get my school listed with Monkeybox +

Please drop us a mail at with the your contact details and we will get in touch with you.

DELIVERY confirmations +

How does my child receive his/her order +

Every school has a different break timings and logistic operation. Most schools will use a system to distribute the boxes from the security desk or reception office to your child’s classroom. That is why it is essential to supply us with your child’s correct class and section while registration


I have lost my password I need help to retrieve it+

The password can be reset by clicking the “FORGOT PASSWORD” link on the web and following the instructions.

How to I edit my profile info+

The profile info of the parent can be edited in the “EDIT PROFILE” tab and kids info can be edited under “MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION” on the app/web

What are the accepted payment modes+

First time subscribers can pay COD (Cash on Delivery), post that for renewals the customers have to pay online, the options of Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking are available.

Are online payments secure+

We don't store any of your debit cards, credit card, net banking or any other payment details on our app or site. As per RBI regulations with regard to a third party payment gateway, we use CITRUS PAY- a reputed provider that innovatively creates an account for you with your payment details, if you choose so. CITRUS PAY allows you to use your account to make online payments across a variety of ecommerce websites. Your information is stored on their secured servers and we recommend you to go through their Privacy Policy, Security Policy and Terms of Use if you have any questions about their services.

Reference & Reward Points +

MonkeyBox meal boxes are prepared fresh using the best quality ingredients, fresh vegetables and fruits. You get the healthiest, yummiest fresh meals delivered daily. The food is prepared in our state of the art industrial kitchen. Monkeybox offers world cuisine to your kids with 30 day cyclic menu. The dishes to offer varies primarily from North Indian, South Indian, Pan Asian and Continental cuisines. Our chef and nutritionist team work every month adding new dishes to the menu from across the world. The thought process behind world cuisine is to expose your kids to world cuisine at a young age. The meals served are from a set menu. The breakfast and snack meal remain the same whereas in lunch you get to choose from two combos. Fruits will accompany the breakfast, salad with the lunch and a treat with the snacks everyday.